Table and silverware

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Table and silverware

The ménagère (housewife) under fifty much likes the similarly-named ménagère (canteen of cutlery).

But Table- and silverware auctions feature fine antique cutlery sets in silver or vermeil, containing table forks and knives, coffee and dessert spoons, sugar tongs and pie servers, meticulously presented in a fine box.

Traditional silverware with shell or filet patterns and remarkable pieces by silversmiths in the Rocaille (Odiot) or Art Deco styles (Puiforcat, Christofle, etc.) feature in these online auctions, with dinner services in porcelain (Sèvres, Meissen, Limoges) or earthenware (Moustiers, Gien, Nevers), which include dinner, soup and dessert plates, tureens and sauce boats.

Not to mention "top-glass" sets of glasses and carafes in Baccarat, Saint-Louis and Daum crystal, which rival with ornamental pieces for presenting and serving sweet substances: ewers, sweet jars, sugar dredgers, jam pot, and the like.

Did you know ? One ornamental piece that still exists today is the champagne bucket: an item that regularly appears in Drouot Digital auctions.