17. Requesting a Drouot Card
Drouot’s loyalty card, or Drouot Card, is a subscription which aims to facilitate the identification of Drouot Group clients and offer them certain advantages.

The card is 100% free and delivered upon request.

The card allows you to benefit from the following advantages:
  • Easier registration to Drouot Live and Drouot Online auctions: the card enables you to sign up more easily to auctions, meaning that you won’t need to re-enter your bank details!
  • Easier identification during auctions: the pre-registration of your contact details means that you can be identified immediately by the sale operators, following an in situ purchase.
  • Privileged access to partner museums, temporary exhibitions and large art fairs, as well as invitations to events linked to our institution.
  • Discounts on the conferences organised by Drouot Formation…

How do I get a Drouot Card?
To get a Drouot Card:
  • Go to Profil from the My Account space
  • In the user, section, click on Request a Drouot Card
  • Fill in the required details
  • Click on receive my card by mail
And voilà! You will receive your Drouot Card and be able to benefit from the numerous advantages on offer.