4. Leave an automatic bid
By leaving an automatic bid, you authorize our system will bid for you and never exceed the amount you asked.
The auctioneer does not know the amount you set up.
During the sale, our system will bid for you respecting auction's progression. You benefit from the guarantee of a purchase at the fairest price if you win the auction.
To place an automatic bid you must have a fully completed Drouot Digital account. You can make an antomatic bid for broadcasted Live auctions.
Do you wish to change the amount of your automatic bid? You can do it during the sale, up to 3 lots before yours.
Example : your automatic bid is on lot n°10, you can modify it before the bidding starts on lot n°7.

Leave an automatic bid
1. Clic on "Plan a bid" on the lot you are interested into
2. Log in and register to the auction
3. Select "Automatic Bid" and enter the maximum amout you are willing to pay before fees for this lot
4. Clic on "Confirm" : your bid is registered. It will be carried out if the auction house validate your inscription to the sale.
5. Log in and check all your automatic bids in "My auto bids" section.

During the sale, the system will bid for you and never exceed the amount you asked. If you are the last bidder, the auction house will contact you to organise payment and logistics.