lot 38

‡ A PERSIAN DECORATED ARMOUR, QAJAR, MID-19TH CENTURY comprising helmet (kulah-khud), shield (dhal) and arm defence (bazu-band), each decorated over the greater part of its outer surface with a complex pattern of interlaced ribbon-like cartouches, with gold koftgari flowering tendrils on a ground of flowering bouquets, the kulah-khud and dhal each with calligraphic cartouches around the base and border and with early padded linings, the kulah khud fitted with characteristic central spike, plume-holders, nasal bar, and mail neck defence, the dhal with four bosses corresponding to enarmes and the bazu band retaining its two wrist-plates joined by mail 30.5 cm; 12 in high, the kulah khud 45.0 cm; 17 ¾ in diameter, the dhal 35.0 cm; 13 ¾ in, the bazu band (3) Provenance Sotheby's, 12th October 1981, lot 177 The inscriptions include names of heroes from the Shahnama (Dara, Iskandar, Rustam, Bahram).