lot 41

‡ A PERSIAN HELMET (KULAH-KHUD) AND SHIELD (DHAL), QAJAR, MID-19TH CENTURY the kulah khud with hemispherical skull, fitted at its apex with a sharply tapering spike on a moulded base, at the front with a pair of tubular plume-holders with a staple between, the latter retaining a sliding nasal bar secured by a thumb-screw, and mail neck-defence of butted iron and brass links, decorated over the greater surface of the skull in encrusted silver with courtly hunting scenes including mounted figures in pursuit of variety of large game, the base encircled with calligraphic cartouches bordered by an elaborate gold koftgari framework, the dhal of low convex form and comprising a central panel riveted to a broad border, fitted with four bosses corresponding with enarmes on the inside, the outer surface decorated en suite with the kulah khud and with a gold calligraphic cartouche in the centre 33.9 cm; 13 3/8 in high, the kulah khud 43. cm; 17in diameter, the dhal (2) Provenance Sotheby's, 29th July 1980, lot 265 The inscriptions include names of heroes from the Shahnama (Dara, Iskandar, Rustam, Bahram).