lot 42

‡ A PERSIAN HELMET (KULAH-KHUD), QAJAR, MID-19TH CENTURY with hemispherical skull, chiselled over its entire outer surface with scrolling flowers and foliage carrying a series of cartouches enriched with gold koftgari, the base with a band of calligraphic cartouches enriched with gold koftgari en suite, fitted at the skull's apex with a sharply tapering spike on a moulded base, at the front with a pair of tubular plume-holders with a staple between, the latter retaining a sliding nasal bar secured by a thumb-screw, and mail neck-defence of butted iron and brass links 29.5 cm; 11 5/8 in high The inscriptions include names of heroes from the Shahnama (Dara, Iskandar, Rustam, Bahram).