lot 92

‡ A FINE SPANISH BROADSWORD IN MOORISH 15TH-CENTURY STYLE, BASED ON THAT OF BOABDIL (MUHAMMAD XII), LAST NASRID RULER OF GRANADA, TOLEDO, DATED 1891 with polished double-edged blade decorated with blued panels of etched and gilt moorish interlace heightened with red over the lower half on each face, and with the inscription 'Arta Faba de Toledo 1891' within a short fuller on one face, iron hilt encrusted with gold moorish patterns, including flat strongly down-turned quillons with pierced terminals, attenuated pear-shaped pommel, and integral grip with horizontal panels with brief inscriptions, in its original fabric-covered scabbard with blued iron mounts en suite with the hilt (the chape with areas of rust) 87.0 cm; 34 ¼ in blade Provenance Wallis & Wallis, 23rd October 1978, lot 18 The sword on which this is based was originally in the collection of the Dowager Marquise de Viana, Madrid and is now preserved in the Museo del Ejército, Toledo. See Laking 1920, vol. 2, p. 282, fig. 661.