Lot 160

Natural History: An extremely rare and possibly unique amber specimen containing a previously unrecorded winged creature, Hukawng Valley, Myanmar (Burma), Cretaceous, Weight: 72.240 grammes /361.22 carats, Dimensions: 64.00 x 51.10 x 35.46 mm. This very transparent golden amber has the remains of a red pigmented wonderfully preserved Cretaceous winged creature giving this animal the most aesthetically beautiful vivid red colour. This creature is only “feathered” on wings and legs but not neck and head making identification very difficult. The feather structures are very different from modern birds, and the plumage is very evident due to the large size of the dragon and the large size of the amber. Most importantly the vivid blood red pigment is in a natural pose as it is a three dimensional colour fossil, which allows for greater understanding of the creature’s anatomy, unlike the much more common flattened and smaller (pancake) birds in amber. It seems likely that the arboreal creature was trapped in a fossilised tree hollow when the miners discovered it and luckily its importance was recognised and it was acquired by the archive before it was sold into the jewellery trade as a giant amber pendant. This piece comes with a lab verification report from AGL lab report number 0034516

A highly important Cretaceous Amber Collection from Myanmar (Burma). 
Sold on behalf of Advanced Amber Kretaceous Zoologia (www.aakz.com) 
These rare amber specimens, collected long before the recent scientific frenzy on amber fossils are being offered for public sale from the amber archive of Advanced Amber Kretaceous Zoologia to help fund and advance scientific research into Cretaceous amber.  
Furthermore, AAKZ hope that by bringing these ambers to public attention it will generate renewed interest in a very exciting field in which there will doubtless be many new discoveries in the years to come.  
All of the ambers, bar lot 171 were mined deep in the Hukawng valley at depths of up to 60 meters and were obtained over the last few decades before the recent civil conflict and with the exception of lot 164, come with one or more lab reports confirming their authenticity. Research and the interpretation of amber is still in its infancy and the organisms frozen in time within the amber in this collection have been described implementing the best current research available by AAKZ.  
For further information on the AGL Thai laboratory and the certificates provided with each lot, please see additional images for each lot.