Lot 15

Bernhard Hoetger, Stool, 1924/25 Stool with horse's head and small shelf. 1924/25. Wood, partially carved. Rectangular slightly convex curved seat on four legs. On the narrow side inset horse head, oval shelf, opposite embedded tail. 66.5 x 79 x 40 cm. The stool is shown - in a colorful version - on a photo from an album with furniture designs Hoetgers from 1924/25 (a copy of the catalog is in the archive Böttcherstraße in Bremen). The catalog shows furniture with carved ornamentation, sculptural shape, executed in striking craftsmanship with visible taps instead of screwed or nailed connections. The stools pictured on the photo show a hybrid of the animal figure and the utility item. The function of this furniture is not clearly explainable as with other Hoetger pieces, a double function as a stool or storage table is to be assumed.