Lot 12

Beautiful Algerian flintlock moukalha, octagonal barrel slightly flared in the mouth, punched with thunder and provided with a sight; lock on the miquelet, body covered with a brass plate and, on the other elements, engraved silver plates, decorated with some coral beads, it is signed, below: "Muhammad" and dated: "1149" Hegira (1736); beautiful walnut stock inlaid with silver and decorated with finely worked coral pastilles and almonds, gilded brass heel, engraved and also inlaid with coral pastilles; the barrel is held by seven punched silver rings, repoussées with geometric decoration; wooden stick covered with silver leaves forming a winding on the visible part; length 185 cm. (Missing the leather hand rest; an added silver ring).
Period, Odjac of Algiers, 1736. Good condition.
PROVENANCE: sale at Hôtel Drouot, Maître TAJAN, on 4 June 2007, n° 8, expert Lucien ARCACHE.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris