Lot 23

Large North African yatagan, repoussé silver handle with small ears decorated with foliage; low double-arched blade, punched; wooden sheath covered with silver plates repoussé en suite, decorated with foliage, flowers and palaces; length 84.5 cm. A set of small souvenirs belonging to the same Arab is attached: silver fibulae, a necklace made of coloured stones, coral and glassware of different colours and a leather pouch containing elements of the Koran and a document bearing the inscription: "The remains collected by my son Ernest on one of the two Arabs killed by him in the battle of attack delivered by Bou-Maza against submissive tribes dependent on the Orléans-Ville subdivision on 16 November 1845. Quotation on Ernest's agenda for being particularly distinguished in this fight; signed: "B.... For a true copy, the Chief of Staff, Chief of the Subdivision"; signed: "A. de Courson".
Period, Algeria, circa 1845. Good condition.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris