Lot 30

German hunting arquebus with wheel, slightly misleading octagonal barrel, decorated with a groove on the first third, engraved with two rosettes to thunder and stamped: "G - G" (Gessler Georges), also engraved near the rise and at the end around the target point, it is dated on the upper side: "1607", length 91.5 cm, caliber 15 mm, seven stripes; flat-body lock, outer wheel under iron dome engraved with a double-headed eagle under crown, signed: "Juncker Jörg Uyzddann" and dated: "1660"; stepping trigger; finger grip iron trigger guard; walnut stock entirely carved with scales, shaft decorated with a few bone pellets engraved with flowers, and at the end, cheek decorated with nets, engraved bone pellets and a coat of arms topped with a crowned helmet, also in cut and engraved bone, bone plated heel with a button, drawer decorated afterwards; wooden rod with bone tip; total length 118 cm. (Platinum probably changed previously).
Period, Germany, Saxony, Thuringia? or Austria, around 1620/1660. Good condition.
PROVENANCE: Robert-Jean CHARLES collection, 1st sale in Hôtel Drouot, May 13, 1993, n° 161 (sale label under the drawer cover).

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris