Lot 31

Large flintlock shotgun, double barrel in blue table, gold lights, length 98.5 cm, calibre 16 mm; engraved breech tail; flat-body locks, engraved on the perimeter and back of hunting scenes and signed: "J. PENEL L'AISNÉ", dogs engraved with foliage, battery springs, screws and jaws of blue dogs; brass trims cut, engraved and finely engraved with flowers, scrolls, foliage and a hunting trophy; veined walnut stock called "cow's foot", short barrel; silver thumb piece engraved and cut, topped with a marquis crown; wooden stick finished with an iron nail; total length 138 cm.
Early 18th century period. Very good condition.
PROVENANCE: sale of the William KEITH NEAL collection, Christie's London, 9 November 2000, no. 135.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris