Lot 46

Rare pair of flintlock pommel pistols from the Mameluck officer of the consular guard, then imperial, cannons with sides then round, punched with thunder: "L C" in a rectangle, "BOUTET" in a bar, "L C" in a rectangle, "N B" in an octagon and signed on the upper small flat surfaces: "Entse Boutet", length 27 cm, calibre 14,5 mm; flat-body locks, gooseneck dogs, steel basins, signed: "VERSAILLES MANUFRE"; brass fittings, cut, stamped: "B Y" on the decks (Denis Brouilly), "D B" in an oval and on the caps (Daniel Bouyssavy) which are equipped with an iron knob allowing the fixing of a ring; walnut sticks with long barrels; wooden rods (posterior, changed in the past); total length 405 mm.
End of the Consulate, beginning of the First Empire. Good condition.
According to Jean BOUDRIOT, this is a very small production that would not have exceeded 12 units.
PROVENANCE: public sale of a collection of weapons and souvenirs that constituted a private museum, Palais des Beaux-arts, Brussels, from 16 to 18 May 1972, No. 372, then sale of the A. de KONINCK collection, Hôtel Drouot, Maître Thierry de MAIGRET, 10 April 2014, No. 130.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris