Lot 48

Rare pair of flintlock pistols of officer model general-place commanders by Boutet at Versailles, guns with thunderbolts stamped on a gold background: "B C", "BOUTET" and "L C" in rectangles and "N B" in an octagon, then round with upper flat spots, signed: "Entse Boutet", silver sight points, length 24.4 cm, caliber 17 mm striped hair; flat-body locks and gooseneck dogs, signed: "Manufre à Versailles", iron basins; cut iron trimmings, polished ice, oval silver caps decorated with a sword and an axe crossed in a wreath of laurels placed on palms joined together by a ribbon, the surrounding area is decorated with half circles of leaves; walnut butts with long barrels, squared handles; iron sticks; total length 40 cm.
Consulate period. Very good condition.
PROVENANCE: sale of the DRAEGER collection, Sotheby's Monaco, December 7, 1987, n° 116.
A model of the greatest rarity, probably executed in very few copies.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris