BACON (Francis)
Opera omnia. The Hague, Johann Just Erythropil, Christian Goezius, 1694. In-folio, granite basane, decorated back, slices speckled with red (Dutch binding of the time).
Good collective edition of Bacon's works.
Printed on two columns and published by Simon-Jean Arnold, it is more complete than the previous edition of Frankfurt (1665): more than 30 historical-political and moral treatises, translated into Latin, are published here for the first time.
The first collective edition of Bacon dates back to 1638.
Armoured bookplate engraved with Jean-Joseph Count of Thun. Large armoured stamp from the Tetschner Library affixed to the back of the title.
Burnishes. Repair to the upper cap, worn corners, cracking and single bit slit.
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