The Elements of Chymia. Rouen, Jean Boullay, 1627. In-8, soft lace-up vellum (original binding).
A rare treatise, considered to be the first scientific textbook for the teaching of chemistry.
Born in Lorraine around 1550, Jean Béguin moved to Paris after obtaining a master's degree in pharmacy and became involved with famous doctors. In 1604, he obtained from Henri IV the authorization to open the first chemistry school in France. In order to help his students, he published in 1610, under the title Tyrocinium Chymicum, a textbook in which chemistry is presented from an experimental angle, free of the mystical theories that cluttered the treatises of the time. He is responsible for the synthesis of acetone, an operation he describes in his book.
The book, which was very popular in its time, was published several times during the 17th century.
This Rouenese edition is not mentioned by Caillet or Dorbon.
From the library of the cabbalist René Philipon (Jean Tabris), with his modern engraved ex-libris.
Some freckles and wetness (pronounced at the end of volume and of a wine colour). Renewed lining and guards, modern laces.
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