The Chymic Royalle. Paris, Mathurin Henault, 1633. 3 parts in one volume in-12, overlapping rigid vellum, smooth back with ink title (Modern binding).
Caillet, n°2703. - Dorbon, n°946.
Third edition in French of this treatise by Oswald Croll († 1609), German doctor and alchemist and disciple of Paracelsus.
The work is preceded by an important admonitory Preface containing the very deep & rarer mysteries of Philosophy and ends with a Traicty of Signatures, or true and vivid anatomy of the great & small world, both in separate pagination.
On pages 155 and 160, we find the figures on wood representing Paracelsus' Zenexton and an alchemical reliquary.
Copy by Joséphin Péladan (1858-1918), with his autograph signature on the title: this writer and occultist, friend and disciple of Barbey d'Aurevilly, was the co-founder, in 1888, with Stanislas de Guaïta, of the Kabbalistic order of the Rosycross.
Significant wetting, freckles, worm work with damage to the text in the last two notebooks, worm bites on a few pages.
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