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VARIOUS TOPICS ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Paris, Jean d'Houry, 1672. In-12, granite calf, cold fillet, decorated back, red title piece, slices speckled with red (Binding circa 1700).
Caillet, n°3168. - Dorbon, n°1314.
First collective edition.
Extremely rare collection (Dorbon), containing five treatises: La Turbe des philosophes ou le code de vérité en l'art, La Parole délaissée by Bernard le Trévisan, two philosophical treatises by Corneille Drebel on the nature of the elements and quintessence, and a curious text entitled Le très- ancien duel des chevaliers ou dialogue chymique de la pierre Physique, avec l'Or & le Mercure.
This copy, of which the title sheet is missing, is perhaps the one from the Ouvaroff library, which has the same particularity (1870, n°635). It concerns a guard this curious note with a pen: The pilot of the living wave, the light coming out of the darkness, this one referring to the title of an alchemical work published at the same time.
A cracked bit.

Location of the item
France - 75008 Paris