Astronomicorum libri octo [...]. Marci Manilii astronomicorum libri quinque. Arati Phaenomena [...]. S.l.n.d. Colophon] : Reggio Emilia, Francesco Mazali, August 1503. In-folio, granite basane, decorated back, speckled slices (17th century binding).
Rare post-incunabile edition of this astrological sum taken from the Scriptores astronomici veteres.
Printed in Roman characters by Francesco Mazali, a typographer active in Reggio Emilia (near Modena) between 1501 and 1504 before its installation in Parma, it reproduces with some differences the text of the Aldine edition of 1499. For example, there is the letter sent by Aldus Manuce to Guido Pheretrio, Duke of Urbino. However, it only includes the Latin part, as the Greek texts have not been reproduced (cf. Renouard, Aldus, pp. 20-21) (a former owner of the volume ticked off the missing Greek texts on the title page and entered the mention desunt next to them).
The book contains the popular treatise of Firmicus Maternus, a 4th century Sicilian scholar and astrologer, the five books of Marcus Manilius' Astronomicon, and the Phenomena of Aratus of Soles (1st century BC) in the versions of Germanicus, Cicero and Avienus.
Aratus' treatise is illustrated with 39 beautiful woodcut astrological figures.
Large engraved armoured ex-libris bearing the motto Etiam maiora and dated 1594; engraved armoured ex-libris by Lallemant de Betz and Thomas de Foix, sieur de l'Escun. Repeated 17th century manuscript bookplate ex-libris of a man named Dupuy.
A few annotations.
Restoration on the edges of the first three sheets, including the title, small strips of paper glued in various places to sheet ii4 v°, more or less pronounced wetting, freckles, last sheet in facsimile. Scratches on the dishes, small wormholes on the back.
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