The Pimander of Mercury Trismegist translates from the Greek copy. In-8 manuscript (184 x 130 mm) of 113 sheets, marbled calf, cold fillet, smooth decorated back, red title piece, red edges, modern case (18th century binding).
Interesting 18th century manuscript, the general titles and chapter titles are nicely calligraphed in red and dark brown.
It includes sixteen chapters of the Pimander, the first treatise on the Corpus hermeticum attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (ff. 1-70), which are followed by three other texts: - The way to reach the knowledge of the one Truth (ff. 71-81).
- Extract from the Zodiac of Human Life [...]. Note from the 10th book. Written science of all Hermetic Art [...]. Highlighted, in honour and glory of the Children of Art, the Ides of September 1731, by a Philosopher, known for such (ff. 82-89).
- The Cabala of the Saints or the Oracle of the Faithful (ff. 90-113): precepts, maxims, theory and practice.
At the end of the last leaflet, it reads: May the blessings of the Lord be engraved forever in the hearts of the faithful, and may a solemn tribute make his immortal greatness burst forth everywhere.
A jaw split on 3 cm, beginning of slit to another, small gaps in the caps.
Automatically translated by DeepL. To see the original version, click here.

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