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lot 289

Order of the Legion of Honour, a spectacular sign of honour of the Harmonie de Roanne, a wooden pole surmounted by the coat of arms of the town of Roanne - azure with a crescent accompanied by the insignia of the Legion of Honour appended in chief - in enamelled metal, charged with a star of the Legion of Honour 3rd Republic, surmounted by a mural crown and a spade, around the edge, the musical competition prizes in the shape of oak branches and laurels in gilded metal, below, fixed in an articulated brass latticework and cut out in the shape of a banner, the name of the company "HARMONIE DE ROANNE" surmounting a hundred or so musical competition prize medals in various metals.
Height of the flagpole: 246 cm - The banner: 145 x 75 cm
France, end of the 19th century. APC The town of Roanne was decorated with the Legion of Honour by imperial decree of 7 May 1864, in memory of the fierce resistance it put up against the Austrian armies in 1814.