Lot 4

1714. BOOK: (HERALDIC-AMERICAN-NAVARRE). ELORZA AND RADA, FRANCISCO DE: NOBLEMAN OF THE VALDORBA VALLEY, ILLUSTRATED WITH THE COATS OF ARMS OF HIS PALACES, AND NOBLE HOUSES With the extract from the conquest of the Ytza in New Spain... Pamplona: Francisco Antonio de Neyra, 1714. 8th largest. 18 h. + 380 p.+ 6 h. Culs-de-lamp woodcut in text and abundant heraldic coats of arms etched. Some rust point but good specimen. Full skin enc., golden wheels and eyebrows, nerves, painted cuts, signed by Arias (sons). Interesting annex on the conquest of Petén Ytzá (Guatemala) by Martín de Urzúa in 1697, the last Mayan redoubt in Mesoamerica. Palau 79237 says of it that it is interesting work for the Americanist studies. CCPB 463426-8.