Lot 5

1764. BOOK: (ARCHITECTURE). XIMENEZ, ANDRES: DESCRIPTION OF THE ROYAL MONASTERY OF SAN LORENZO DEL ESCORIAL, ITS MAGNIFICENT TEMPLE, PANTEON, AND PALACE: Compiled from the ancient description... Madrid: Imperial Antonio Marin, 1764. 4th major. 10 h. + 452 p. Illustrated with 18 magnificent engravings, one is a superb portrait of Philip IV made by Villafranca in Madrid in 1657, 15 folds. Two-color cover. Beautiful engraved portrait of Charles III, in border, as a header. The engravers of this edition are outstanding artists of the time such as Murguía, Castellanos or Villafranca. The work is magnificently illustrated with capitals, headers and 'culs-de-lamp', text with marginal apostilles and wide margins. Very clean paper, with filigree and scribbling. Enc. full skin of the time, nerves, tejuelo, curdled lomera, painted cuts. Ex-libris. Good specimen. Palau 376974.