Lot 104

1762-1784. BOOK: (SCIENCE-FLORA). QUER, JOSEPH: SPANISH FLORA, OR HISTORY OF PLANTS, WHICH ARE GROWN IN SPAIN. Madrid: Joachin Ibarra, 1762-1764 and 1784 6 vol. in 4º. I: Frontispiece engraved by Ysisdro Carnizero and one engraving and one imperial shield engraved by Marin + 20 h. + 402 p. + 1 folded map and XI engraved plates. Engraved headboard and culs-de-lamp. II: 8 h. + 303 p. + 32 plates (from XII to XLIII). III: 6 h. + 436 p. III: 6 h. + 436 p. + LXXIX engraved plates. IV: 2 h. + 471 p. + LXVI recorded films. CONTINUATION OF THE SPANISH FLORA... 1784. V: 2 h. + XXXII p. + 538 p. + 11 sheets (2 of which are folded). VI: 2 h. + 667 p. + 14 plates (numbered X to XXIII, some folded). Six vol. gum in full vintage skin, double shingles, nerves, curdled hills. First edition, very rare, and more so with the last two volumes. Even today, despite its antiquity, it has scientific validity. J. Quer was the most outstanding botanist of his time, a military surgeon, who travelled through Spain, Italy, France, North Africa and gathered a large herbarium as well as numerous samples of living plants and seeds. The state of conservation of this copy is very good, with both the text paper and the plates very clean. Palau 243077. Brunet IV, col. 1010.