Lot 113

1820. BOOK: (EXECUTORY-NAVARRA). EXECUTION BY THE TERRITORIAL COURT OF THE PROVINCE OF NAVARRA. AT THE BEHEST OF DON ANACLETO, DON JOSÉ, DON MIGUEL JOSÉ... OF PHAGOAGA, DUTARI, BORDA, AND GALAYNENA, THE TEN BROTHERS, IN THEIR OWN NAMES, AND IN THE NAMES OF THEIR RESPECTIVE SONS, IN A DISPUTED CAUSE. AGAINST THE PUBLIC PROSECUTOR AND THE PTATRIMONY OF HIS MAJESTY THE DEPUTATION OF THE SAID PROVINCE, THE HEROIC TOWN AND COURT OF MADRID, THE TOWN OF ALMORADIEL, PLACE OF ZUGARRAMURDI, AND OTHER CONSORTS ABOUT NOBILITY AND NOBILITY. Pamplona: Imp. José Domingo, 1820. Folio menor. 2 h. + large heraldic shield handmade on avitelated paper + 93 p. in woodcut and 19 h. handwritten on stamped paper. It has stamps in Ferdinand VII ink and dry stamps. At the end of the printed text, handwritten signatures of the Regent and some judges of the Audience, sealed with the major seal of the Chancery and the signature of the notary of the city of Pamplona. Precious early 19th-century glazed on red vellum, decorated with golden irons on both planes, edges and eyebrows, square brown tips in leather with details in dry irons, curved loincloth, silk guards. The binding is preserved in a Spanish paste flask with golden wheels. Anacleto de Fagoaga y Durati developed his diplomatic career in the second half of the nineteenth century, in 1821 he was granted the grace of a Knight of the Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles III. He was the brother of Joaquín, Miguel José, Domingo and José María de Fagoaga y Dutari who, together with their sisters Ana Francisca, Mª Tomasa, Mª Dominica and Mª Cruz, were granted nobility and noblemanship by the Territorial Court of Pamplona given in the press in 1820, this is the document.