Lot 123

1498. BROCHURE: (INCUNABULUM). BULL GIVEN BY ALONSO DE FONSECA, BISHOP OF BURGO DE OSMA, GRANTING PRIVILEGES AND INDULGENCES TO THOSE WHO MAKE A DONATION FOR THE REBUILDING OF THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF NUESTRA SEÑORA DE SANTA MARIA IN BURGO DE OSMA. [Pamplona: Arnao Guillen de Brocar], 1498. Printed on 295 x 445 mm sheet of paper, the text of the bulletin appears in full twice. 59 lines of text in Gothic typography in two sizes and a woodcut capital letter in white on a black background. Some fine gallery, restored. This is the first bull printed by Arnao Guillen de Brocar in Pamplona, unknown until relatively recently. Presented in an elegant folder in full leather, with dry iron borders in both planes where it says in the previous plane: A LOS MORADORES DE BURGO DE OSMA. BROCAR/ PAMPLONA 1498. The inside of the folder is silk. The bull applies indulgences and privileges to those citizens who wish to contribute, either financially or through their own work, to the construction of the cathedral, a practice very widespread at that time. This bull was unknown until during the restoration of two incunabula, 26 copies appeared inside the binding. Extraordinarily rare. It is accompanied by the offprint dedicated to this bull by the magazine Príncipe de Viana in 2003. CCPB 699895-X. ISTC if00240380.