Lot 125

1512. BOOK: (GOTHIC). MENA, JUAN DE: THE CCC'S OF THE FAMOUS POET... WITH OTHER XXIII COPLAS AND THEIR GLOSS AND THE CORONATION OF THE SAME POET. OTHER LETTERS. GLASSES AND CA[N]ES. NOW ADDED AGAIN. Seville: Jacobo Cronberger, eight days of the month of February 1512 (in colophon). 4th major. IICII fol. Old marginal notes, probably from x. XVI. [Next:] THE CORONATION CO[M]PUT BY THE FAMOUS POET... XXII fold. With its own cover. Text in Gothic script, two columns. Wooden capitals. The coronation work with its own extraordinary woodcut cover. Complete copy. It presents some expertly made restorations. Enc. by BRUGALLA in full leather, with golden threads on the planes, edges and eyebrows, nerves, golden cuts, presented in a fabric flask with leather profiles. Besides being an early edition of Juan de Mena's work, it has the added value of having come out of the presses of Jacobo Cronenberg, of German origin. His extraordinary printing work perfectly captures in this edition the transition from the incunabulum to the 16th century book, as he preserves characteristic elements of the former and transfers them to the latter in a masterful way. The work of Juan de Mena is an allegorical poem with a strong influence of the Divine Comedy. Palau 162692. CCPB 17587 (for the first work) and 17581-1 for the second. Only three copies of The CCC in Spanish public libraries and one of the Coronation.