Lot 131

1567. BOOK: (REAL GOTHIC-CHRONICLE). THUMB, HERNANDO OF: CHRONICA OF THE VERY HIGH, AND ENLIGHTENED CATHOLIC KINGS DON HERNANDO AND DOÑA ISABEL OF GLORIOUS MEMORY, DIRECTED TO THE ROYAL CATHOLIC MAGISTRY OF THE KING DON PHILIPE OUR LORD: COMPOSED THAT IT WAS IN ROMANCE BY... CHRONIST OF THE SAID KINGS... Çaragoça: House of Juan Millan and Miguel de Suelves, 1567 4th major. Woodcut coat of arms on the cover, 6 h. + 96 fol. (sign. A8-M8) [Next:] Cover with printer Miguel de Suelves and attributed to Antonio de Nebrixa, the foliation continues in Roman from fol. XCVII to CCXLVIII + 2 fol. From folio 214 (by mistake folio CCIIII) contains the ADDITION MADE BY THE VALLÉS ALA CHRONICA MASTER... this addition with a footnote by Miguel de Suelves. Illustrated with woodcutting in the text. Enc. in full leather with dry iron wheels in both planes, ribs, small golden fleurons in the corners and in the center small golden iron mark of a tap on the right, straps for the closures, in the cut written in old 'CHRo+REYS+CATHOLICoS'. The work has defects that have been restored by professional hands, occasionally the top margin is short. Folios CLXXII, CLXXVI and CLXXVII have a reconstructed tip, including the affected text. At the beginning and at the end, remargined or consolidated sheets. A very solid and well presented specimen. The printers Juan Millan and Miguel Suelves intervene in this publication, the first attributing the work to its real author and the second giving the authorship to Antonio de Nebrija. Palau explains that the confusion at this point comes from the fact that the original manuscript was given to Antonio de Nebrija to make a Latin translation of the work. The Spanish original was left among Nebrija's papers and at his death almost forgotten, until one of his grandsons found it and gave it to the printer thinking that it was his grandfather's work. Fortunately, there were several codices that contained the author's real name, which was restored in this edition by Juan Millan. Palau 242129.