Lot 138

1726-1730. BOOK: (HISTORY). HERRERA TORDESILLAS, ANTONIO DE: DESCRIPTION OF THE WEST INDIANS OF... GENERAL HISTORY OF THE EVENTS OF THE SPANISH IN THE ISLANDS AND LAND SIGN OF THE OCEAN SEA. Madrid: Royal Office of Nicolas Rodríguez Franco, 1730. 4 vol. in 4th major. I: Engraved cover with border of vignettes +19 h. + 78 p. + 2 h. and 14 folded maps. [Continues] ID. GENERAL HISTORY... FIRST TENTH. Id. Cover with cartoon border + 292 p. [Next:] GENERAL HISTORY OF THE FACTS OF THE CASTELLANDS... DECADE TWO. Id., 1726. Engraved cover + 2 h. + 288 p. II: HISTORY... DECADE THREE. Id., 1726. Engraved cover + 1 h. + 296 p. [Continues:] HISTORY... FOURTH DECADE. Id., 1730. Engraved cover + 2 h. + 232 p. [Continues:] HISTORY... FIFTH DECADE. Id. 1730. Engraved cover + 3 h. 252 p. III: HISTORY... DECADE SIX. Id. 1730. Cover + 2 h. + 236 p. [Continues:] HISTORY. DECADE SEVENTH. Id. 1730. Engraved cover + 2 h. + 245 p. IV: HISTORY... EIGHTEENTH. Id. 1730. Engraved cover + 2 h. + 251 p. + 225 h. of boards (sheets 45 and 46 transposed, but complete). Text in all two-column volumes, with marginal apostilles. Woodcut headers, capitals and culs-de-lampe and intaglio headers at the beginning of each part signed by different artists (Irala, Le Rouge, et alia). Four vol. with its original Spanish paste enc., with golden threads on the planes, double shingles and painted cuts. Good specimen, clean. It carries exlibris in the guard of every vol. of the Infanta Dña. Luisa. Pinelo says of this work that it is the most complete, copious and documented of all those that were produced, since Herrera compiled everything that had been written up to 1554. In addition, Philip II provided him with all the documents and writings relating to those colonies that existed in archives and libraries in Spain. According to Robertson it is Herrera who gives more and more accurate news about the conquest of Mexico. Palau 114288.