Lot 140

1770. BOOK: (HISTORY). LORENZANA, FRANCISCO ANTONIO: HISTORY OF NEW SPAIN WRITTEN BY HIS ENLIGHTENED CONQUEROR HERNAN CORTES, AUGMENTED WITH OTHER DOCUMENTS, AND NOTES BY THE ILLUSTRIOUS LORD... Mexico: Superior Imperial Government of Joseph de Hogal, 1770. 4th major. Two-colour cover with intaglio engraving + 10 h. (including engraved front page) + XVI p.+ 400 p. + 32 engraved plates and one plate and one map (with a small tear without loss), folded, out of the text + 9 h. Some pencil marks in the margins of the last leaves. Plate 23 is sewn upside down. Period enc. in Spanish paste, golden threads in both planes, tejuelo, painted cuts. One of the most appreciated editions because it contains the letters of Cortés to Charles V and other documents. Palau 63204, also 142408.