Lot 161

1734. BOOK: (LITERATURE). [FENELON] SALIGNAC DE LA MOTTHE, FRANÇOIS DE: LES AVENTURES DE TELEMAQUE, FILS D'ULYSSE. Amsterdam and Rotterdam: J. Wetstein & G. Smith, and Jean Hofhout, 1734. 4th major. 2 h. + Engraved front and portrait + X + XXVII + 424 p. + 24 engraved copper sheets. Two-color cover. Engraved headers and culs-de-lamp. Engravings drawn by B. Picart, J. Vivien, L. F. Dubourg etc. and made by Jacob Folkema, P. Drevets, Bernards, etc. Good paper, wide margins. Steakhouse, gold wheels, eyebrows, double shingles, nerves, curved loin, painted cuts. Presented in a cloth flask. Brunet II, col. 1214, describes this edition as beautiful and reports a print run of only 150 copies.