Lot 329

1780. BOOK: (CERVANTINE). CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE: EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA... new edition corrected by the Royal Spanish Academy. Madrid: Joaquín Ibarra, printer of H.M. Chamber and the Royal Academy, 1780. 4 vols. in a smaller sheet. I: Frontispiece + Cover + 1 h. + XIV p. + CCXXIV p. +199 p. + 6 plates + portrait of Cervantes + folded map of Don Quixote's route. II: Front + Cover + 1 h. + 418 p. + 9 plates III: Front + Cover + XIV p. + 306 p. + 7 plates IV: Front + Cover + 1 h. + 346 p. + 9 plates. Headers, capitals and culs-de-lampe. Very clean. The 4 volumes with their original enc. in full leather, golden wheels in both planes and edges, tile for the title and circular tile for the numbering of each volume, golden cuts, very well preserved. Palau 52024: First great edition of Don Quixote, superior in artistic beauty to all those that had been made until then in Spain and abroad. As for the illustrations, the copper-engraved plates are drawn by A. Carnicero, J. del Castillo, J. Brunete, B. Barranco, P. Aral, J. de la Cruz, F. Montaner and other important artists. Cervantes' portrait is a copy of the one that the Count of Águila gave to the Royal Academy, and the map is the work of Tomás López. The text was modelled on that of the first edition, that is, the second Cuesta of 1605, by comparing it with others (especially the Cuesta of 1608) and modifying some passages. The Life of Cervantes and the Analysis of Don Quixote are by Vicente de los Ríos, documented works that leave behind everything that had been published on the same subject until then. The paper was manufactured in Catalonia, and new types were melted down. As we have seen, the title was also modified, and the work was subdivided into two parts, believing in everything to interpret Cervantes' ideal. 1,600 copies were thrown out.