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lot 393

1628. BOOK: (HISTORIA-NAVARRA). GONGORA Y TORREBLANCA, GARCIA DE [is the pseudonym of JUAN DE SADA Y AMEZQUETA]: HISTORY OF THE KING OF NAVARRA AND OF HIS MANY ANTIQUITIES, NOBILITY, AND QUALITIES, AND KINGS THAT GAVE BEGINNING TO HIS ROYAL HOUSE, AND PROCURED HIS INCREASES, AND OF THE DURATION OF THE, AND SUCCESS, AND FAMOUS AND HEROIC DEEDS OF HIS NATIVES, IN ARMS AND CONQUESTS. Pamplona: Carlos de Labayen, Impressor of the Kingdom of Navarre, 1628 4th major. 6 h. + 116 fol. (even if repeated or with errors) + 2 h. (Sign. cross6, A8, B12 -sign. B5 repeated by mistake full text-, C8-O8, P4, Paragraph 2). Cover in border and with woodcut shield. Two-column text, with marginal apostilles. Old marginal notes, attenuated. On fine laid paper. Some restorations or consolidations, such as the margin of the cover, are well done. Something short of a top margin. Vintage enc. in leather, with golden threads, edges and eyebrows, nerves, tejuelo, curdled lomera, golden cuts. Both Palau and the CCPB point out that Góngora and Torreblanca are actually the pseudonym of Juan de Sada. The work consists of three parts dedicated to the history of Navarre and a fourth which is a treatise on science and the arts. According to Palau, the third part of the story brought some controversy in Aragon, since he did not like what was being told against his natives. Shortly after its publication, a pamphlet was already in circulation that ridiculed the author. The Council of Aragon presented the king with a memorial requesting that the book be banned for being "confusing, indoctrinating, reckless, fabulous and harmful", and the copies were persecuted and destroyed, although the Kingdom of Navarre ordered the printing to be repeated. Palau 248188. CCPB 40712-7.