Lot 111

Karl Andreassen d.1933 A polar bear and a seal on the ice, looking south from the entrance to Lake Fjoyd, East Greenland, circa 1932/33, gouache on board, signed, 32.5cm x 50.5cm. A polar bear and a husky, looking north from the entrance to Lake Fjoyd, gouache on board, signed 32cm x 31cm; Peter Rosling, figures at Kulusuk, the eskimo settlement at Cape Dan, East Greenland, gouache on board, 24.5cm x 44.5cm. All three with notes written on the back by Quintin Riley. (3) Provenance Polar Explorer Lieutenant Commander Quintin Riley (1905 - 1980) and thence by descent. Quintin Riley was involved in the British Arctic Air Route Expedition of 1930 - 31 for which he received the Polar Medal and returning to Greenland in 1932 to undertake further meteorological and general study of flying conditions.