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lot 8

Nathania Granites Nangala (1995 - )
Acylic on canvas - 45 x 30 cm
Warlpiri Group - Yuendumu - Central Desert

Provenance : Art Center - Yuendumu

This dream belongs to the land of Warlukurlangu, south-west of Yuendumu, of which the Jampijinpa / Jangala men and the Nampijinpa / Nangala women are the guardians. An old 'lungkarda' (Blue Tongue Lizard), from the Jampijinpa skin group, lived on a hill with his two sons Jangala. The old man faked blindness and sent the two boys in search of meat. While they were away, he hunted and ate whatever he caught before they returned. One day, the sons returned with a kangaroo they had caught after a long chase. Unfortunately, the kangaroo was sacred to the Old Man and his children were unaware of it. In his anger, the Old Man decided to punish his Sons. As soon as they left, he put his fire stick on the ground and set off a huge bush fire that "chased them for many miles, sometimes propelling them into the air". Although the Boys extinguished the flames, the special magic of "lungkarda" kept the fire alive. Exhausted, the Boys were finally defeated by the flames. Sites usually depicted in paintings evoking this Dream include Warlukurlangu (the cave of men), Kirrkirrmanu (where the sacred kangaroo was killed), Wayililinypa (where fire killed the two Jangala sons) and Marnimarnu (a water hole) where the two Jangalas camped.