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Pleading of the case of Anne Jaguey, Negress and her Son
S.l. Le Cap-Français], n.d., (1785), in-8 oblong (16.5 x 21.5 cm), 9 ff. covered on both sides in fine, legible handwriting (about 25 lines per page), in sheets.
Signed from P.C. Viel, it is a memoir on a claim for freedom: Anne Jaguey and her son Jean-Pierre, known as Fayette, consider themselves as free blacks, whereas the Baudin heirs claim them as slaves.
The details of this complicated affair are summarized in the manuscript, and illustrate perfectly the difficulty of granting the emancipation procedures that existed under the Ancien Régime: Josué Baudin, who died in 1749, had provided for the emancipation of Anne Jaguey by testamentary disposition, granting her a sum of 1000 livres. In spite of this act, the name of the petitioner was kept in the register of slaves in 1763, and the registrar of the house (Garreau) allegedly suborned the young woman, of whom he had a son, etc., in order to obtain the name of the young woman.

Very rare document