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ALMANACH - history and criticism of the M.P.s at the first
Legislative Assembly for the year 1792. Coblentz, Impr. des Princes françois, n. d. In-12, forehead with reinforced damaged outer margin, (7) ff, 4, 158 pp., thumb card, caps slightly damaged, corners blunt.
GRAND-CARTERET 276: ''Almanac of rarity, whose numerous biographies are nothing but violent satires against the deputies classified by departments. Frontispiece representing the preliminaries of the hanging of a dozen deputies and bearing: "
Strange to our legislators for the year 1792.
KOTZEBUE, Auguste de: The Jacobin Club, or Love of the Fatherland. Comedy in two acts. Freely translated from the German by Canon De Polier. Paris, 1792. 100 pp. Largely on her own. Kotzebue's play (Der weibliche Jacobiner- Clubb, 1791) had only one act. Canoness of Prussia, teacher in German courses, she directed from 1793 to 1800 the Literary Journal of Lausanne. - BOMBELLES, Marc-Marie de]:
La France avant et depuis la Révolution, moyens d'y rétablir l'ordre; intérêt des puissances à ce rétablissement. S. l., August 1793. (1) f., 230 pp. - [ERLACH, Rodolphe Louis]: An impartial look at the current war and its possible outcome. S. l., December 1794.
45 pp.

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