General and true relation of all that was done to the process of the King of Great Britain.
his arrest, and the manner of his execution. With the Harangue made by his so-called Majesty on the eschaffaut. Translated from English into French by I. Ango, interpreter of that language, on the London print by François Coles. S. l., 1649. In-4, 16 pp., full red mar., spine ribbed, inner lace, gold slices. (rel. Marmin).
MOREAU, Bibl. des Mazarinades n°3174. ASCOLI n°203 b.
(Related to:) The Procez, the personal adiournment, interrogation, and death arrest of the King of England. With the manner in which he was put to death: and the harangue which he made on the stake. According to the report of several English gentlemen who attended it, and put the whole thing on tablets. Faithfully translated from English by Sieur de Marsys. Paris, François Prevveray, 1649. 14 pp. MOREAU 2888. ASCOLI n°205 - The last words of the King of England, with his farewell to his prince and princesses his children. Paris, François
Prevveray, 1649. 8 pp. MOREAU 1037. ASCOLI No. 207. - A true account of the barbaric and cruel death of the King of England. Arrival in London on the eighth of February one thousand six hundred and forty-nine. Paris, François Musnier, 1649. 8 pp. MOREAU 3241. ASCOLI No. 206. -
The pitiful sobs of the afflicted Reyne of England at the death of her husband. Paris, A. Musnier, 1649. 8 pp. MOREAU 3585. -
Consolation to the Queen of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland from the painting of the passion of our saviour. Paris, Claude
Morlot, 1649. 7 pp. MOREAU 774. - Consolation letter to the Queen of England on the death of the King, her husband. And his last words. Paris, Guillaume Saffier, 1649. 8 pp. MOREAU 1916.
- Letter from the Lords of England to their new King, the former
Prince of Wales, now in the town of Bredan in Holland, & the disavowal of the execrable murder committed in the person of the late King his Father. Translated from the English into French. Paris, Guillaume Saffier, 1649. 8 pp. MOREAU 2074. - Letter from an English prince sent to the Reyne of England. On his present affairs of the Kingdom, for the attack committed in the person of his husband. Transcript by sieur du Pelletier. Paris, Vve Musnier, 1649. 7 pp. MOREAU 1892. - Letter from a French lord sent to the Prince of Wales on the death of the King of England, his father, to force him to avenge his death, to recover his Estates and to be measured of the general peace. Paris, Pierre
Sevestre, 1649. 6 pp. MOREAU 1897. - Extraordinary news, touching the present state of affairs of the King of Great Britain.
With two eloquent and zealous harangues, on the purpose of avenging the murder of the deceased King, and assuring the King of aprésent in his
Estats. One pronounced by Knight Richard Blaque on behalf of the Assembly of the three Estates of the Catholic Party of Ireland: and the other by Monsignor the Marquis d'Ormond, Viceroy of the Mesme
Royaume. Paris, François Prevveray, 1649. 8 pp. MOREAU 2548. -
Reasoning on the present cases, and their comparison with those in England. Paris, François Prevveray, 1649. 7 pp. MOREAU 2970. - Advertisemens to kings and princes for the peace treaty and the death of the king of Great Britain. Paris, Vve
A. Musnier, 1649. 8 pp. JAW 453. A collection of mazarinades on the death of Charles I. As the execution of a legitimate reigning king provoked immense emotion, the authors sought to warn their compatriots of the dangers of civil war. To this end, they accentuated the pathetic events that gave the pamphlets a literary twist. Nevertheless, Ascoli (La Grande
Grande devant l'opinion française) retains some of these texts as the first in France to spread the news of the regicide.
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