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lot 24

[CONVULSIONERS] - Dummy collection of 20 items on the Convulsionaries of Saint-Médard, 1732-1734. In-4, brown calf with slightly rubbed nerves in the back of the back, upper cap missing, lower cap slightly missing, upper hinge split, lower hinge slightly split, blunt corners.
Of the twenty pieces, eleven are cited by Kreiser (Miracles, Convulsions, and Ecclesiastical Politics in Early Eighteeth-Century
Paris, Princeton 1978). Contains: 1. 17th February 1733 King's order against the alleged convulsive persons. Paris, Impr. Royale, 1733. 3 pp. - 2 Reflections on the King's ordinance of 17 February 1733. S. l., March 6, 1733. 4 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 415. - (3)
Minutes of several doctors and surgeons, drawn up by order of His Majesty, concerning a few allegedly agitated persons of Convulsions. Paris, Vve Mazières and J.-B. Garnier, 1732.
(1) f., 17 pp. KREISER, 210-13, 215, 218. This investigation carried out at the request of the Cardinal of Fleury was to lead to the closure of the cemetery. - Letter to a confessor on the duty of doctors and surgeons: on the subject of miracles and convulsions.
S. l., 25 March 1733. 8 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 421. - 5 Extract from a letter of Monsignor the Bishop of Senés on 14 February 1733 (Followed by:) Letter of Dom Leauté, Benedictine, to the Abbot of Asfeld.
S. l. n. d. 4 pp. - 6. Letter from M. Petit-Pied, doctor of the house and society of the Sorbonne. To Mr. P... Utrecht, December 27, 1733. 3 pp. - 7. mandate of Monsignor the Bishop of Amiens on the occasion of Mr Devesque and his wife, who had convulsions in Abbeville. 25 January 1732. 3 pp. - 8. test a plan on the work of the convulsions. S. l. n. d. 1 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 413.
- 9. general plan of the work of the convulsions, with reflections of a layman, in refutation of the Answer that the Abbot of L. made to this plan .
S. l., 1733. (2) ff. 76 pp., (1) f. KREISER (Bibliography) 415. - 10.
[DE LAN, Fr.-H.] - Answer to the General Writing of the work of the convulsions.
S. l., 1733. (1) f., 21 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 412. - 11. [LEROY, C.-F.] - Letter from Mr.*** to a friend of his from the provinces, concerning the writing on convulsions, entitled: Coup d'oeil. S. l., 1733. (1) f., 17 pp. - 12. Fair judgment on convulsions. S. l., 1733. (1) f., 18 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 414. - 13. Letter from the author of the Fair Judgment, to the author of the Ecclesiastical News. Paris, December 26, 1733. 8 pp. - 14. [FOUILLOU, Jacques] - Observations on the origin and progress of the convulsions, which began in the Saint Médard cemetery. S.l., December 30, 1732. (1) f., 56 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 414. - 15. [BONNAIRE, L. de] - A critical, physical and theological examination of the convulsions, and of the divine characters, which are believed to be seen in the accidents of the Convulsionaries. S. l. 1733.
XII, 78 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 411. This writing by a doctor at the Sorbonne had a great impact and was the object of refutations in the Ecclesiastical News.- 16. Letter from Mr.*** to Mr.*** on the Critical, Physical and Theological Examination of Convulsions.
September 11, 1733. 2 pp. - 17. A theological dissertation on the role of the Church in the development of the Church in the world.... S. l., 1733.
170 pp., (1) f. KREISER (Bibliography) 412. Convulsions are either a sham, a disease or the work of the devil.- 18. Remarks on the Theological Dissertation Against Convulsions. S. l. n. d. 13 pp.
- 19. [BONNAIRE, L. de] - Apologetic remarks by the author of critical, physical and theological examinations of convulsions. (More: Continued Comments...) S. l., 1733. (1) f., 78 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 411. - 20. [PONCET-DESESSARTS, J.-B.] - Letters (I to VI) from M. to a friend about the work of convulsions. S. l., 1734. 92 pp. KREISER (Bibliography) 412. ''He traveled several times from Holland to see Quesnel, sacrificed his fortune to his fanaticism, and died with the reputation of an enthusiast and visionary, even in the minds of many of his party.'' (Dict. of the Jansenists, 770).