Lot 52

Riflessioni sopra la vacatione attiva e passiva dei Vescovati dedicate ad Innocenzo XI da un vilissimo servo non degno di nome. (Rome), 1679. In-folio, (6) ff. n. figures, 31 ff., writing delays due to acidity, red morocco of the spine, decorated dishes at the Du Seuil, coat of arms in the centre, decorated spine with nerves, golden tr.
At the arms of Pope Innocent XI (Benedetto Odescalchis, Pope from 1676 to 1689). Treatise on the Occupation and Vacancy of Episcopal Seats, calligraphed in chancery letters. Remained anonymous and dedicated to a patrician from Milan, Count Rasino. Probably in connection with the conflict over the regal between King Louis XIV and the Pope since 1673. Ex-libris grav. Hartwell of the Grissell Guard.

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France - 75009 Paris