Lot 370

[MUSIC] PERFORATED PIANO ROLLS. Lot of 191 rolls, 53 of which are illustrated with a large vignette by George BARBIER.

The rolls were edited by the EMP, (Perforated Music Edition), created in the 1920s. George Barbier designed a header for this publisher that served as a primer for the scrolls and bore the title of the piece. The drawing depicts an 18th century quintet composed of two female singers, a mandolin player, a violinist and a flutist cherub.

Composers include Liszt, Chopin, Meyerber, Strauss, Weber.

Most of the rolls have been kept in their original boxes with the title label affixed to them. (The majority of the labels here have unfortunately been obscured by a self-adhesive label with a dimension).

List of compositions on request.