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Book of Hours for the use of Rome
In-8°, [12]-169-[1] ff, manuscript on parchment, sheet size 165 x 122 mm, text space 142 x 92 mm, Latin text in brown ink, bastard characters, 24 rulers. Manuscript with pretty initials (2-3 rulers) and many lombards. Illuminated with more than 100 miniatures: f. 1 The Trinity, f. 1v , f. 3 The Resurrection, f. 4 David at Prayer, f. 7 The Suffering Christ, f. 11 Christ in the Chalice, f. 15 The Risen Christ, f. 21v The Crowned Virgin and Child, f. 23 Virgin and Child, inspired by John Bourdichon, f. 24 The Virgin and Child, inspired by John Bourdichon, f. 25 The Virgin and Child, inspired by John Bourdichon, f. 26 The Virgin and Child, inspired by John Bourdichon, f. 27 The Virgin and Child, inspired by John Bourdichon, f. 28 24 Pietà, f. 26 Our Lady faints in the arms of St John, f. 26v the Virgin, f. 27v Virgin and child, f. 30v the crowned Virgin, f. 32v Annunciation, f. 35v Virgin and child, f. 39v Virgin and child, f. 41 Archangel Michael, f. 42v Saints Peter and Paul, f. 43 St Andrew and Bartholomew, f. 43v the Apostles Philip and Jacob, the Evangelist Matthew, f. 44 St James, the Evangelist Luke, f. 44v the Evangelist Mark, the Magi, f. 45 St Joseph, f. 45v the Apostles, f. 46 the Innocents, St Stephen, f. 46. 46v St. Lawrence, St. Christopher, f. 47v St. Sebastian, f. 48 St. Denis, St. Maurice, f. 48v St. Hadrian, f. 49 St. Roch, St. Eustatius, f. 49v St. Eutrope, the 10,000 militants, f. 50 St. Nicaise, f. 50v Quindecim auxiliators, f. 51 martyrs, St. Gratian, f. 51ff. Lidoire de la Ferté, St Martin, f. 52 St Nicolas, St Claude de Besançon, f. 52v St Jerome, f. 53 Sancto Claro, St Anthony, f. 53v St Dominic, f. 54 St Francis, Bovanventura, f. 54v Anthony of Padua, Bernardine, f. 55 St Augustine, f. 55v St Julian, f. 55v St Bernard, f. 56 St Eutrope, f. 56v Elzéar, f. 57 St Lazarus, s. Yves, f. 57v Gregory, f. 58 Confessors, St Anne, f. 58v Sisters of the Virgin Mary, f. 59 St Martha, f. 59v Mary Magdalene, f. 60 Genevieve, Barbara, f. 60v Dalphina, f. 61 Catherine, f. 61v Petronilla, Margarita, f. 62 Agnes, f. 62v Lucia, s. Radegunda, f. 63 Apolonia, f. 63v Dorothea, f. 63. 64 Christine, f. 64v All Virgins, All Saints, f. 74v God the Father, f. 75v John the Evangelist, f. 76v Luke the Evangelist, f. 77v Matthew the Evangelist, f. 77v Mark the Evangelist, f. 78 the Passion of Our Lady, f. 78v St Peter, f. 82v chalice of blood, f. 84 Annunciation in a Renaissance interior, f. 98v the Visitation, f. 104 the Crucifixion, f. 105 Pentecost, f. 105v the Meeting at the Golden Gate, f. 106 Virgo lactans, f. 106 110 the Shepherds, f. 117 the Presentation in the Temple, f. 120v the Flight into Egypt inspired by Georges Trubert, f. 126 Coronation of the Virgin, f. 141 Bathsheba, f. 155 the Office of the Dead, f. 158v burial. Calendar February 28th s. Donat confessor of Luxeil, 8 March s. Arnoul Bishop of Metz, March 26th s. Leodegar bishop of Autun, 27 March s. Arnoul, Bishop of Metz, April 8 s. Machaire abbot of Bremen, May 4th c. Gotthard Bishop of Hildesheim, 15 May s. Honorary Bishop of Amiens, 25 May s. Urban pope and martyr honoured in Bremen and Strasbourg, 5 June s. Boniface Bishop of Mainz, 6 August s. Donat Bishop of Besançon, 3 September s. Godegran Bishop of Séez, 16 September s. Lambert Bishop of Maastricht, 14 October s. Gérald confessor of Toul, October 24th c. Frontin bishop of Remiremont and Toul. Top margins of the calendar and the last cut sheets too short. Bound in green morocco, gilt decoration on covers and spine, gilt edges, with the initials J.J.P. on the covers.
Provenance: Metz. The prayer "Ad quindecim auxiliatores" of f. 50v is found identical in the Antidotarius animae of Nicolaus Salicetus, printed in Metz around 1500 for Kaspar Hochfelder. The prayer is also attested in Alsace see Archiv für elsässich Kirchengeschichte. This endearing illuminator has precise and famous references. For his Virgin and Child on f. 23, he uses models from Tours, draped on the bias of Jean Bourdichon's white veil, for example in the Naples triptych or in the miniature of the Cluny museum in those of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Tours (D. Thiébaut, Deux panneaux peints de l'école de Tours, La Revue des musées de France, Revue du Louvre, April 2008, pp. 28-29). The Nativity with the transparent veil evokes another illuminator in the service of kings Charles VIII and Louis XII like Jean Bourdichon: Jean Poyet. Jean Poyet was active from 1483 until his death before 1504. Like Jean Bourdichon, he paints illuminations and paintings (see Mara Hoffmann, Jean Poyer: Gesamtwerk, Turnhout, Brepols, 2005). For his Flight into Egypt he differs from the Flight into Egypt of the Hours of Jean de Chasteauneuf Paris BnF Nlle acq. lat. 3210. The artist takes up all the details of this marvellous painting by Georges Trubert, in particular the movement of the donkey turning its head to contemplate the Virgin and Child. These hours were in Lorraine around 1500 in the family of Chasteauneuf secretary of Rene II of Lorraine. This book of hours can be dated 1493 (Avril & Reynaud, Les manuscrits à peintures en France, 1440-1520, cat , d'expo 1993-1994, cat. 217). The illuminator depicts well-modelled faces and the draperies are finely enhanced with gold. The Meeting at the Golden Gate seems to be on the other hand. Thanks to Isabelle Delaunay
Lorraine, Metz

circa 1500
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