Lot 267

Coffee pot with Hoeroldt
chinoiserie Ovoid shape with rounded volute handle and pointed beak spout. Gold plated
disc knob on domed lid. On both sides of the wall cartridge-shaped framing made of gold-contoured chandelier base. In both
reserves different scenic representations of so-called chinoiseries, surrounded by Asian garden landscapes.
In the white background, widely ramified, flowering peonies, surrounded by insects. Fine painting in enamel blue,
green, iron red, purple, brown, black and yellow. Gilded rim, with a wide gold
lace hangings around the bottom. wall not visible rest; h. 22 cm.
Cf. to this Seyffarth, ills. 13/14
A coffeepot with Hoeroldt chinoiseries. Minor restoration to the body.
M eissen. About 1730.