Lot 329

Large Mars Relief Bowl
In the hollowed mirror central rise with representation of the seated war god Mars in front of a burning
city silhouette. Circumferential wide frieze with four volute cartouches. In it allegorical, or rather representations of peace, abundance, envy and war. Herms framed in the spaces between roller units. On the
flag oval or rectangular cartouches with personified representations of the continents Europe, Asia,
Africa and America, alternating with portraits of the generals and rulers Alexander the Great, Caesar,
Ninus and Cyrus as well as grotesques, still lifes and herms. Edge covered by a rod frieze. dam.; on the
underside of the base a medallion portrait of Caspar Enderlein with inscription. Unclear according to; D. 48 cm.
The mould for this plate was made by master Caspar Enderlein (becomes master in 1586). During his lifetime he was known as an "outstanding shape
cutter" and won a number of prizes. In the Grassi Museum in Leipzig there is a similar Mars
bowl by Briot, created around 1600, Enderlein signed his works with a medallion with a self-portrait.
Cf. Haedeke, Tin, p. 94, 130 ff. and Fig. 133; Hintze, Nuremberg, no. 161
A large Nuremberg textured plate depicting Mars, allegories, generals and emperors. Flawed. Signature portrait and indistinct master's mark.
Nuremberg. Around 1620.