Lot 418

Paul Gauguin (1848 Paris - 1903 Atuona/Islas Marquesas) "Cylindre au Christ et à l'idole" (Stele in honour of Christ and the idol).
Original title
bronze, dark brown patinated. Artist's reference; foundry mark of Valsuani. Dark
green marble base. Cast around 1960 after the original from 1894-97, relief sculptures of male figures and Christ on the cross.
In 1891, Gauguin embarked for Tahiti to live like the natives.
Important sources of inspiration became the art of the South Sea peoples and the connection of mystical nature faith with European Christianity. Total height: 5.5 cm.
"Cylindre au Christ et à l'idole" (Stele in honor of Christ and the idol). Dark brown patinated bronze.
Inscribed. Valusani foundry mark, posthumous cast circa 1960. Marble base.