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lot 8.B

[CLEARS THROAT] [ CHUCKLES ] Bréviaire à usage de BourgesFrance, Bourges, circa 1450Small
folio, 82 ff, followed by a cover sheet, in particular the first sheets after the calendar with an unknown number of missing notebooks (collation: i6, ii-x8, xi4), Gothic writing in brown ink, text on two columns (justification: i6, ii-x8, xi4): 145 x 210 mm), copy set in pale red ink, advertisements in the lower margin of the last page of the notebooks, old signatures, rubrics in red, numerous initials painted in red and blue, larger initials two lines high painted in blue or red with filigree decoration. Full calfskin soft binding, pages removed, stitching undone in places. Faded binding,
ink inscription on top cover "Breviarium". Dimensions: 220 x 325 mmThis
manuscript is a breviary, containing all the texts necessary to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, also called the Divine Office. It is here for the use of the diocese of Bourges, probably linked to the cathedral of Saint-Etienne. In spite of its incomplete nature, it is valuable because the very complete calendar provides a lot of information on local festivals and the analysis of the text of this Breviary will certainly provide interesting cross-checks with other Biterrois breviaries. Note that this breviary is very large
, with an unusual small folio format. Provenance
:1. Manuscript copied for liturgical use in the diocese of Bourges, as evidenced by the calendar with Biterrois saints such as Stephen, William, Ursin, Austrégésile and others. Guillaume de Bourges, Ursin and Etienne all appear at the portals of the cathedral of Saint-Etienne de Bourges. This is confirmed by the presence also in the Litanies of the following saints: Nicolas, Ursin, Austrégésile
, Sulpice and Guillaume.


France, private collection. Text
:ff. 1-6v, Calendar, in Latin, for the use of Bourges, with saints from Biterrois including : Octave Saint Stephen (Jan. 2); Octave Saint Ursin (Jan. 5); Guillaume, Archbishop of Bourges (in red, Jan. 10: "Guillermi archiepiscopi bituricensis cantoris"); Saint Sulpice, Bishop (in red, Jan. 17); Ordination of Saint Austrégésile, Bishop of Bourges [Outrille] (Feb. 15: "Guillermi archiepiscopi bituricensis cantoris"); Saint Sulpice, Bishop (in red, Jan. 17); Ordination of Saint Austrégésile, Bishop of Bourges [Outrille] (Feb. 15: "Guillermi archiepiscopi bituricensis cantoris").) ; Dedication of the church of Bourges (in red, May 5 : "Dedicatio ecclesie biturcensis duplex..."); Translation of the relics of St. William (May 7); Translation of the relics of St. Nicholas (in red, May 9); Octave of St. William (May 14); Honorat, bishop (May 16); Austraesile, bishop and confessor (in red, May 20); Octave saint Austrégésile [saint Outrille, bishop then archbishop of Bourges (597-624)] (May 27), Apollinaire, bishop of Bourges (July 23); Invention of the relics of saint Etienne (in red, August 3); Octave saint Etienne (August 9); Translation of saint Sulpice (August 27); Translation of saint Ursin (Nov. 9).); Translation of St. Stephen (Nov. 18); Nicholas, bishop (in red, Dec. 6); Ursin, bishop and confessor
(in red, Dec. 29).
ff. 7-58v, Temporal, the beginning is missing, "[...] Innocens manibus et mundo corde..."; first heading, Feria
invitatorium; ff.


Litanies; ff.
60v-63, Office of
the Dead; ff.

63-82, Common of Saints, including "De sancta martyra usum biturcensis"; Incipit commune sanctorum...; Sequitur benedictiones (f. 82)