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lot 17

[ CLOCK STRIKES ] Hours on the snow of Paris all the way without requisition.
Paris: Nicolas Vivien, [12 October 1517]. - In-8, 173 x 112: (128 ff.) [()8 A-E8 F4 F-H8 J4 A-F8]. Jansenist red morocco, ribbed spine, inside golden lace, golden edges, brown box case (Thivet for
the binding and Marie-José Guian-Milliaud for the case).
Lacombe, 287 (describes incomplete copy of BNF). - Bohatta, number 305.
Brunet, V, No
. 358 (erroneously indicates "without figures").
Very rare edition of these Hours for the use of Paris in Latin and French, printed for the bookseller Nicolas Vivien (14..-15..). Specializing in the publishing and trade of books of hours, the latter only operated for a short period, from 1503 to 1517. He worked mainly with printers-librarians Mathurin Le
Mère, Jean I de La Roche and Jean Barbier.
The edition of these Hours was printed in Gothic letters in red and black, on 24 lines. It is illustrated with the beautiful mark of Nicolas Vivien on the title, representing a large chalice held by two angels, and 14 large woods located on the leaves ()8 v°, A3 v°, B1 r°, C3 v°, D1 r°, D2 r°, D3 r°, D6 v°, E1 v°, E3 v°, E5
v°, F1 v°, F4 v° and G1 r°.
A most precious and absolutely remarkable copy, printed on calfskin, fully adjusted, with many initials painted in gold on a blue or red background. Its preciousness stems from the fact that the 14 woods were carefully illuminated at the time in one of the few specialized Parisian workshops, but above all, an exceptional thing for a printed Book of Hours of this period, that the first owner of the book had large, entirely painted borders added around the woods and in several margins, representing various ornaments such as birds, butterflies, fruit, leaves, flowers, puttis, real or fantastic animals
, phylacteries, etc.,
on matt gold backgrounds

There are 24 such borders on sheets B1 r° v°, C3 v°, C4 r°, D1 r° v°, D2 r° v°, D3 r° v°, D6 v°, D7 r°, E1 v°, E2 r°, E3 v°, E4 r°, E5 v°, E6 r°, F1 v°, F2 r°, F4 v°, F1 r° and G1 r° v°. In front of the nativity we can notice the representation of two children playing, and the tunic of Christ, the dice and the instruments of the Passion around

the figure of the crucifixion.
In addition to these ornaments, there are 16 other beautiful borders at the end of the volume, occupying the lateral margin of the leaves B2 r° v°, B3 v°, B4 r° v°, B5 r° v°, B6 r° v°, B7 r° v°, B8 r° v°, C1 r° v° and E6 v°. The first of these borders represents fruits (strawberries and grapes) and flowers on a golden background. The next 10 and the last one propose a decoration in the same spirit but contain in addition a total of 17 portraits of saints or small scenes from the life of Christ. The last 4 borders are made up of 7 pretty portraits of saints in medallions, embedded in garlands of pearls, leaves
or fruit.
All these borders were executed in the style of the "Ganto-Bruguayan" manuscripts, which were in vogue in the capital at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th
Very well preserved copy, absolutely complete. The illuminations are all whole, not cut by the bookbinder. There is simply a restoration at the lower corner of the third leaf, without damage to the text, and some traces of rubbing without gravity at some illuminations.