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GUIMET (Émile) - RÉGAMEY (Félix).
Japanese walks. Drawings from nature by Félix Régamey.
- Japanese walks. Tokio-Nikko. Drawings by Félix Régamey.

Paris: G. Charpentier, 1878-1880. - 2 volumes in-4, 304 x 225: (2 ff.), pp. (9)-212, 6 plates, illustrated cover; frontispiece, (2 ff.), 288 pp., 9 plates, illustrated cover. Dark blue half-marque at the bradel, double gilt fillet, smooth spine

, gilt


, untrimmed, cover preserved (Impr. Libr. réunies
)Original edition of this account of a trip to Japan undertaken in 1876 by the Lyon industrialist Émile Guimet (1836-1918
) in the company of the painter Félix Régamey (1844-1907).
The first book recounts the two friends' peregrinations to Yokohama and Kamakura, the second, entitled Tokio-Nikko, is the sequel.
This is
only the first part of the story of their journey. Volumes III and IV, which were supposed to cover the road to Tokaido
and then on to Kyoto and Kobe, never saw the light of day.
Both volumes are illustrated with numerous compositions by Félix Régamey, including 6 watercolours reproduced out of text in the first volume and 9 plates of the same in the second. The latter also includes as a frontispiece a colour lithograph of the artist, showing him painting, based on a painting by Kiosay. The off-texts as well as the full-page illustrations of the first
volume are under captioned serpents.
Numbered copies on paper from Holland, printed for the first volume at 30 copies and 25 for the second. The first one is enriched with a suite on
china of the 6 watercolours in colours.
Precious copy of the bibliophile Charles Cousin (1822-1894), founder of the Société des Amis des Livres. He had gathered his collections of books and antiques on the 4th floor of the building located at 20 rue de Dunkerque in Paris, which he called the "Grenier", where he welcomed many personalities. Each volume bears his signature on the cover and the first volume is also enriched with a beautiful letter from Régamey
, addressed to him.
This letter, one page in-4, written in red ink, is dated November 15, 1888, on a paper illustrated with a scene of Japanese birds in a winter landscape. Régamey received the brochure sent to him by Cousin, the date of which corresponds to his first visit to the attic, "this attic [...] which not only owes to its altitude the foretaste it gives of an artist's paradise". "Believe me, dear sir, that the memory of your warm welcome will not fade from my memory, as you "I forget nothing". You have such a charming way of putting people at their ease, you know how to highlight the little they are worth (too well as far as I'm concerned) and you have such beautiful things to show them that my merit in this will not be very great... And then, must I admit, I have been spoiled very little in my life and I have had, especially in the last few years, a lot to complain about the injustice of men - not to mention women
- How can I forget you? ».
These two volumes were subsequently acquired by the bibliophile Gustave Mouravit (1840-1920) who, as usual, wrote a note about the copy on a guard sheet. There is also his beautiful and rare ex-libris signed Blanche d'Est, depicting a bust of a woman in a medallion, in a decoration of reeds and flowers, with two banners on which is inscribed: "Parfum de l'Ame - Amour
ravit" (
Perfume of the Soul - Love

Past backs. Scattered freckles. Clear wetness in the upper margin of the leaves of the second


Provenance: Charles Cousin (sale 1895, n° 512). - Gustave Mouravit, with note, ex-libris and ex-libris stamp on the securities (sale October 1938, III, no. 1339). - Ex-libris L.D.