Lot 9

APOLOGY of Tenderness or The Power of Friendship. Paris, Janet, n.d. [circa 1795]. In-18, white calfskin, dishes covered with red morocco with cut-outs following the gilt plate, showing straws on a green or red background, in the center large oval medallion with silver frame showing two views of Compigné, tabis lining with mirror and wallet pocket, gilt edges (contemporary binding).
Very charming and rare binding decorated with gilt metal views of Compigné, one showing the Palace of Versailles and the other the Tuileries.
The views of Thomas Compigné, Louis XV's tablet maker, are executed in pewter embossed in slight relief, then painted in gold or silver and enhanced with gouache or coloured varnish. The process he used to fix these materials to tin is still a mystery.

Location of the item
France - 75008 Paris